Backpack Explorers

Backpack Explorers

Did you know that as a High Desert Museum member, you can enjoy discounts on special Museum events such as field trips, speaker presentations and kids’ camps including Backpack Explorers? To take advantage of your membership benefits, you must create an online account on our website before registering for events. Just click here!

Two class options available:
Wednesdays or Thursdays
10:00 am – 11:00 am

RSVP and pre-payment are required as space is limited in Backpack Explorers.

Come on an adventure!

Parents and children ages 3-5 investigate science, art, music, stories and culture in a fun, hands-on manner. Your little will don a backpack filled with exciting artifacts while journeying through the Museum’s nature trails and exhibits. Foster artistic expression in your little one and take home activities to continue the learning. New themes weekly!

$15 per child, Members receive 20% discount. Non-members pay Museum admission for accompanying adult. $5 materials fee for siblings younger than 3 who participate in the crafts.

Per High Desert Museum policy, no refunds can be issued. For cases of illness or emergency, with notice 24-hours before the class, a class transfer may be issued.

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September 5 & September 6
Burrowing Beasts
Why do certain High Desert animals like badgers, owls, and tortoises maintain elaborate burrows? Find out and create a burrow of your own.

September 12 & September 13
Finding Your Way
Without a smartphone, how do you know which way to go? Learn to use a compass, make a map, and explore how animals navigate through visiting the new exhibit, Animal Journeys: Navigating in Nature.

September 19 & September 20
Biscuits and Butter
Let’s make old-time biscuits and butter like pioneers of the frontier! Explore the history of cooking and play with pioneer toys and tools while waiting for the biscuits to cook.

September 26 & September 27
Fantastic Falcons
From the smallest raptor in North America (American kestrel) to the fastest bird (peregrine falcon), the falcons are truly fantastic! Through observation, art, and creative movement, explore how these birds survive and thrive in the High Desert.

October 3 & October 4
Ranger Ready
Be on the lookout! Wildland fire crews play an important role in keeping our forests healthy. Tour a historic ranger station, check out what it was like to work on the front line on a forest fire, and learn about the Museum’s prescribed burn that happened in May 2018.

October 10 & October 11
Snap, Click, Ahhh!
Dive into the world of photography with inspiration from one of the greats– Edward Curtis. Transport yourself to another world as we learn (and practice!) the art of photography and venture through the Museum exhibit By Her Hand.

October 17 & October 18
My First Nature Journal
Nature journaling helps us pay attention to our surroundings. Come with a sense of wonder and learn how to document observations about the natural world by painting pictures and preserving textures.

October 24 & October 25
Chicken Chatter
Off to the ranch we go! Mrs. Miller needs help on her homestead this week – the chickens need to be fed and the coop needs to be checked for eggs! Conduct experiments and learn just how strong an egg is.

October 31 & November 1
Batty About Bats
Imagine hanging upside down with these masters of the night. Discover the world of bats and sort out the myths from the truths.

November 7 & November 8
Animal Trackers
Whose trail is that? Be a detective and use the clues left behind by animals to find out who has been where and what they were doing.

November 14 & November 15
Less is More
High Desert animals are master recyclers; they must conserve energy and water while living in a demanding environment! Meet some of the master-recyclers and explore how using less is a way of sharing resources. Come prepared to create amazing recycled art.

November 21 & 22

November 28 & November 29
Invention Convention
Engineers change the world. Here is your chance to jump into the world of engineering by building, testing, and inventing.

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