Backpack Explorers

Backpack Explorers

Two class options available:

Wednesdays or Thursdays

10:00 am – 11:00 am

Come on an adventure!

Parents and children ages 3-5 investigate science, art, music, stories and culture in a fun, hands-on manner. Don backpacks filled with exciting artifacts while journeying through the Museum’s nature trails and exhibits. Foster artistic expression in your little one and take home activities to continue the learning. New themes weekly!

Members $10 per child, non-members $15 per child, plus Museum admission for accompanying adult.

Pre-registration and payment is required.

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Sept 6 and 7

Frontier Fun

Let’s check out Mrs. Miller’s cabin and see what it is like to cook over a fire, sleep on straw and do a few ranch chores.

Sept 13 and 14

Junior Geologist

We are surrounded by High Desert rocks that tell us about the Earth long ago. Come and learn these cool rock stories.

Sept 20 and 21

Ranger Ready

Be on the lookout! Forest rangers have an important job. Tour a historic ranger station and check out what it was like to work on the front lines of forest fires.

Sept 27 and 28

Innovation Lab

Do you like to tinker and invent? Fire up your creativity and come tinker in our lab this week – inventions await your discovery!

Oct 4 and 5

Chicken Chatter

Off to the ranch we go! Feed the chickens and see if they laid any eggs. Do experiments and learn why eggs are so strong.

Oct 11 and 12

Something’s Fishy

Have you ever wondered what a day would be like in the life of a fish? Uncover the answer as we get close to the Museum’s fish and explore their underwater world.

Oct 18 and 19

Dinosaurs Roar!

Is that a dinosaur or a bird? Come learn all about an ancient winged dinosaur called Archaeopteryx while mixing together science and art.

Oct 25 and 26

The Bone Zone

Birds, bears, and bobcats have bones. What about you? Let’s look at different types of bones and why they are important.

Nov 1 and 2

Tails and Scales

Are reptiles as sneaky and slithering as they seem? Decide for yourself as we study desert dwellers like lizards and snakes.

Nov 8 and 9


Meet the owls in our High Desert backyard. Find out the secrets to their silent ways and what keeps them so light in the air.

Nov 15 and 16

What’s the Matter?

Everything in the world is made of liquids, solids, and gases. We’ll experiment and get messy as we explore the wonders of chemistry.

Nov 22 and 23


Nov 29 and 30

The Art of Camouflage

Can you see me now? Come discover how predators and prey stay safe and unseen as we journey outside through the forest.

With support from Chambers Family Foundation.