Backpack Explorers

Backpack Explorers

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Two class options available:
Wednesdays or Thursdays
10:00 am – 11:00 am

RSVP and pre-payment are required as space is limited in Backpack Explorers.

Come on an adventure!

Children ages 3-5, accompanied by a caregiver, investigate science, art, music, stories and culture in a fun, hands-on manner. Your little will don a backpack filled with exciting artifacts while journeying through the Museum’s nature trails and exhibits. Foster artistic expression in your little one and take home activities to continue the learning. New themes weekly!

$15 per child, Members receive 20% discount. Non-members pay Museum admission for accompanying adult. $5 materials fee for siblings younger than 3 who participate in the crafts.

Per High Desert Museum policy, no refunds can be issued. For cases of illness or emergency, with notice 24-hours before the class, a class transfer may be issued.

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February 20 & February 21
Star Stories
Take your mind off the long, dark winter nights and learn about the bright, shining stars up in the winter sky. Come hear stories about these stars.

February 27 & February 28
High Hoppers
Explore the “two lives” of toads and frogs, as these hoppers spend time in both water and on land. Find out which one is a faster swimmer and which one is a higher jumper.

March 6 & March 7
The Art of Camouflage
Can you see me now? Come discover how predators and prey stay safe and unseen as we journey outside through the forest. Explore the secrets of animal camouflage with eye-opening science activities.

March 13 & March 14
Critters Drawn with Charcoal
Tour a new exhibit, The Beauty of Wild Things: Charcoal Drawings by April Coppini, and learn the basics of drawing animals and then make your own charcoal artwork.

March 20 & March 21
Slithering Snakes
Celebrate snakes at the Museum! Make your own snake puppet, listen to a silly snake story and create your own cereal snake. Play a matching game and visit with an animal friend.

March 27 and March 28
No Backpack Explorers

April 3 & April 4
Fly Like an Eagle
The magnificence of eagles is endless. With a wing span of 7 feet, eagles are the kings and queens of the sky. What makes them so strong? Come and find out!

April 10 & April 11
Microscope Explorers
See nature in a whole new way. Bring your curiosity and find out how different natural objects look at a microscopic level. We’ll collect specimens and examine different textures, patterns and colors using a handheld digital microscope.

April 17 & April 18
No Backpack Explorers

April 24 & April 25
Otter-ly Amazing
Otters sleep 12 hours a day, and we love them whether they are awake or sleeping. Learn how fun a day in the life of an otter is. Bounding, somersaulting and slip-sliding around the river, otters clearly know how to have fun. Come discover what makes these aquatic wonders so special.

May 1 & May 2
Watery Wonders
How does water move through a landscape? How do people use water? What lives in the Museum’s stream and pond? Explore the convergence of art and science through activities inspired by the exhibit Desert Reflections: Water Shapes the West.

May 8 & May 9
Junior Geologist
Why do volcanoes erupt? Why does that rock float? What is so special about Smith Rock? Come on a geologic adventure and find out how our Earth changes through time.

May 15 & May 16
High Desert Cats
Bobcats, lynxes, cougars…oh my! Let’s hide, stalk and pounce like the big cats in the wild. See up close what they eat and how they survive.

May 22 & May 23
Plant Prints
Buds are beginning to burst with the arrival of spring! Plants provide us with so much, including food and oxygen—plus, they are beautiful! Create your own flower press, make sun-prints and explore natural dyes.

May 29 & May 30
Get Outside!
Things are warming up outside and it’s time for us to get out and explore nature. We’ll go for a nature hike and talk about how to plan for a fun and safe day in the wilderness.

Backpack Explorers will resume in September 2019. Have a wonderful summer!

With support from Chambers Family Foundation.