Oregon Encounters: Experience the 1800’s

Date: April 15-17 & 19, 2019

4th grade

Meet fur trappers, investigate pelts and skulls, build a wagon and create pioneer tools. Bring your students into the marvelous history of Westward Expansion and frontier living. Stations around the Museum feature hands-on activities and opportunities for student-directed learning. Each class will attend one day of the festival.

10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Cost: $6.50 per student, includes Museum admission

Made possible by Juan Young Trust and Oregon Community Foundation Oregon Historic Trails Fund.

With support from Trust Management Services, LLC.

Register for Frontier Days or for more information contact Erica Pelley at 541-382-4754 ext. 320 or contact us.

Frontier Days is made possible by

With support from TransCanada Corporation and Trust Management Services, LLC.