Free Field Trips

Field Trips

Grant-funded FREE classes.
Your students can experience one of these fun, outdoor classes thanks to the generosity of our donors! For no cost, the Museum provides transportation, admission, classroom work and field experience for a limited number of free classes which are available each year! Register early!

Fired Up!
Build a forest and watch it burn. This class challenges students to question how a ponderosa pine forest thrives in fire-prone ecosystems. Students will uncover the important role fire plays in keeping our forest ecosystem healthy during this all-day program. Free to the first 40 registered classes. Priority will be given to 5th grade classes.

Desert Waters
How do wildfires affect a watershed? This class focuses on what a watershed is and helps students identify the one they live in. Through science inquiry and hands-on activities, students discover where their water comes from, and how natural disasters like fire affect their towns, drinking water, agriculture fields and wildlife. Free to the first 20 registered classes. Priority will be given to 4th grade classes.

Energy and the Environment
This on-site program engages students in an exploration of renewable resources in the context of global climate change. Using hands-on activities, students investigate solar and wind power to develop an understanding of the impacts of these technologies in the Pacific Northwest. Free to the first 10 registered classes. Priority will be given to middle and high school students.

If space remains in these classes, we will open them to students of other grade levels.

For registration and answers to questions, contact Erica Pelley at 541-382-4754 ext. 320 or contact us.

In partnership with Trust Management Services, LLC and with support from Paul Bunyan Foundation and the USDA U.S. Forest Service.