Innovation Lab: Design Inspired by Nature

Innovation Lab: Design Inspired by Nature

September 2, 2017 through July 15, 2018

Learn how designers, engineers and architects are taking a page out of nature’s book, and create some designs of your own in this family-friendly exhibition.

Biomimicry (from bios, meaning “life,” and mimesis, meaning “to imitate”) is the practice of looking to and emulating nature for solutions to human problems. Bird wings, beehives and prairie ecosystems have inspired designs that enable faster travel, safer buildings and more sustainable farming practices, respectively. While biomimicry is not a novel idea, modern science and technology is expanding the types of materials, products and systems that are possible.

The way bats fly inspired researchers at the University of Illinois to create the Bat Bot, a new drone that may offer a safer way to assess disaster zones. This lightweight robot can flap its wings to maneuver, dive when necessary or glide to save energy.

Don’t just learn about nature, learn from it, too! Innovation Lab: Design Inspired by Nature presents an exciting opportunity to explore real-world examples of biomimicry and develop nature-inspired designs of your own.

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