Kids Camp

Kids Camp Summer Camp!

Registration opens March 1, 2018

June 18-22 & July 23 – 27th

K/1: Animal Kingdom: Become kings and queens of animal identification during this week full of animal exploration, games, and exhibit visits! Campers will dissect an owl pellet to learn more about the food chain, grow their own fungus, and meet many of the museum’s animals. Join us as we explore a different realm of the animal kingdom each day and create many experiments and art projects while doing it!

2nd/3rd: Eco-Engineers: Nature is full of fantastic builders. In this camp we will explore cool structures found in nature—animal homes, spiderwebs and some of nature’s neatest plants—and discover what makes these natural builders so remarkable. We’ll then put our creativity and imaginations to the test to see if we can build our own things as well as nature can. We’ll explore the forest, field and creek to look for animal homes and structures.

4th/5th: Survival in the High Desert: It’s mayhem in the High Desert! Use your smarts to navigate an obstacle course like a ground squirrel, avoid a boiling lake of lava, and test your courage on a journey along the Oregon Trail. It’s time to put your game face on. Are you a survivor?

June 25-29 & July 30 – August 3th

K/1: The Five Senses: This week we will taste, smell, hear, feel, and see! We’ll learn more about each of our senses and discover new ways to use them with fun projects that will explore them all. Along the way, meet and learn about animals with super senses.

2nd/3rd: Water World: Did you know that long ago, parts of Oregon were underwater? Connect with the ancient past during this camp and become an amateur marine biologist! From dissecting squid to searching for macroinvertebrates, this week is sure to spark an interest in any budding scientist. While exploring the wonders of the ocean, campers will also learn more about the Central Oregon watershed and its animals, including our resident river otters.

4th/5th: Animal Careers: What does it take to be a veterinarian? How about a paleontologist or field biologist? Experience the life of various animal scientists through hands on experience. Care for the museum’s wildlife, take a field trip to set a camera trap, and take part in a fossil dig.

July 2-6 (no camp on July 4th) & August 6-10th

K/1: Homestead Handicrafts: Everyday housekeeping is always more fun at the Ranch! Become an honorary member of the Miller family for a week of wool spinning, candle dipping, and Jax playing. Help tend the garden and prepare a dutch oven desert to experience the sweet rewards of growing your own food. Plenty of games and toys for everyone to keep you entertained all summer long!

2nd/3rd: Legend and Lore: Heard any good stories lately? Discover the world of cyclone roping cowboys, trickster coyotes and sea monsters. Practice your frontier skills like Davey Crocket and etch your own epic into ancient style clay tablets.

4th/5th: Pizza Pie Camp: For the Miller Family in 1904, wood stove cooking was all the rage. But in 2018, pizza is on the menu! Throughout the week, learn to mill wheat to make flour, process tomato sauce, pick fresh herbs and vegetables, and combine it all into delicious pizza pies. Not only will we make pizza from scratch, but also, we’ll work on engineering a solar oven and learn about local food in Central Oregon.

July 9-13th & August 13 – 17th

K/1 Caught in a Food Web: Work your way through a food web, discovering which species are on the prowl, which are clever in the way they escape, and how all the living things around us are connected. Learn about what makes up the diets of museum animals, and what it takes for animals to survive in the wild. Experience the thrill of a narrow escape in active predator/prey games and make sensory stimulating art!

2nd/3rd: Fast and Furious: From Peregrine Falcons, Pronghorns and Cheetahs to race cars, rockets, planes and wagons learn what makes them move with speed. Build a solar race car, race a wagon, and look at the aerodynamics of birds and mammals. This will be a fast paced, fun and hands on camp.

4th/5th: Cliff Dwellers: From basalt floods to nesting habitat and extreme sports – the rimrock surrounding our community is full of habitat and adventure! Learn about cliff formations and just how many critters call these rocks home. Explore several canyons in the area, complete with rock climbing lessons!

July 16 -20th & August 20 – 24th

K/1 Science of Play: Get ready to build, break and craft your way to fun. Launch marshmallows, make bouncy balls, and create a piñata to smash with your friends!

2nd/3rd Shutterbugs: Grab your cameras and learn some new tips for photographing friends, objects, and live animals! This week will have you seeing the Museum through new lenses – camera and video! Using iMovie, campers will learn editing skills and stop-motion video with their favorite Museum subjects.

4th/5th STEM Studio for Boys: Ready to build, innovate and solve? Join us for this week filled with daily STEM challenges including a team challenge of building a massive Rube Goldberg machine! Campers will tinker with robotics, bake with a solar oven, and invent all week long. With a fantastic blend of science, creativity, and solving problems with the tools around us, this camp will rely on teamwork and fun!