Living History


There’s nothing like learning about history from someone who lived it. Our living history characters bring history to life as they take on the personas of characters who lived in the past. They love nothing more than to share with you about their lives and what’s happening in their world.

At the Miller Family Ranch, you’ll step back to 1904, where Mrs. Miller and her friends maintains the cabin, barn, corral, bunkhouse, root cellar and sawmill and care for the animals at the Ranch. You may meet Mrs. Miller herself, or the local schoolteacher, doctor or neighbor kids who have come by to help her with her work.

Depending upon the time of year, living History characters may also give daily guided tours of the Spirit of the West exhibit, bringing to life the region’s past. You’ll journey through time as these colorful interpreters share the stories of the Northern Paiute shelter you’ll see, the French trapper’s camp, Oregon Trail wagon, hard rock mine, settler’s cabin and the boomtown of Silver City. Guided tours at 2:00 pm daily

The characters you’ll meet at the Museum develop their characters by reading old diaries, newspapers and books to learn about what was happening at the time their characters lived. Guided by Curator of Living History Linda Evans, many make their own costumes. One of the biggest challenges: finding the right shoes!