Porcupines Honeysuckle and Juniper share a natural habitat exhibit just inside the Museum doors. Their first daughter of Honeysuckle and Thistle, Magnolia, is starring in educational programs in the Washington, D.C., area. Their latest baby, named Juniper, appears in our educational and animal programs.

Our porcupines are a favorite attraction of our Desert Dwellers program in the summer. 

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None of the animals cared for at the High Desert Museum can be released to the wild. Most of them were rescued after being injured. Many of the birds cannot fly due to their injuries. Other animals rely on us just to survive because they never learned how to hunt or avoid predators. When people take young animals from their parents, these animals become “imprinted” on humans and can no longer survive in the wild.

The Museum’s wildlife staff works with our animals daily to build their trust. Our animals’ habitats are designed to give them the space and environment they require. This is all a part of the Museum’s commitment to delivering the highest standard of animal care.