Quilted Oregon

Three Sisters, Sheila Finzer

Quilted Oregon

From the rugged coast and the dense forests to the volcanoes and the high desert, Quilted Oregon highlights the state’s unique geography through quilt art. Created by contemporary artists in the region, these masterful quilts are a visual feast, expressing artistic connections to the natural beauty of the land.

Quilt art originated from utilitarian practices and incorporates traditional quilting techniques to depict artful imagery. These contemporary artists use visual images and ideas coupled with new technologies to create a new format of quilts.

Each piece is a masterful work, with its own tapestry of color, texture, design, depth, style and rhythm. The artists capture the soft, flowing lines of a fish-filled stream, the subtle hues of the Painted Hills and the rhythm of aspen tree trunks, all in fabric.

The art in this exhibition is on loan from the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA). The artists selected for this exhibition have personal connections to Oregon’s dramatic landscape, and their work represents a range of artistic interpretations of a beloved subject.

“Whether the artists manifest a pictorial or an emotional response, their love of the Oregon landscape in all its diversity is made clear in theis creative fabric and fiber medium,” said Georgia French, co-juror of the exhibition.

Quilted Oregon will be on view in the Brooks Gallery to July 28, 2013.

On loan from the Studio Art Quilt Associates, Oregon Region.

Sponsored by:

Roundhouse Foundation
James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation