The Beauty of Wild Things: Drawings by April Coppini

The Beauty of Wild Things: Drawings by April Coppini

March 2 through June 23, 2019

April Coppini is a Portland-based artist whose enduring subject is wild animals. She is known for her large, gestural charcoal drawings of foxes, deer, jackrabbits, moths and bees. Coppini is renowned for being able to breathe life into her charcoal depictions of the wild inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest. Using only black charcoal and white paper, she makes images that are expressive, engaging and keenly observed in terms of their lifelike detail. She executes her drawings in a direct and physical way. Yet she never loses sight of the fragile beauty of the creatures she depicts. Coppini enables her viewers to experience the beauty of animals while at the same time asking them to be mindful of the need to protect the habitats that ensure their survival.

April Coppini’s work is infused with a deep love and respect for the natural world. She describes drawing as being a meditative and reverential way of noticing not just the form and details of an animal, but also the way it moves and breathes. Her depictions are animated, vibrant and expressive. April Coppini’s drawings are a testament to the beauty of wild things.

About the Artist

April Coppini was born and raised in a wooded suburb of Rochester, New York. She attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 1990 and Alfred University, School of the Arts from 1991-1994. She received her BFA from Alfred in printmaking and drawing and moved to Portland, Oregon in 1995. April works at her home studio in NE Portland where she finds inspiration from her three children, their six chickens, two cats, rabbit, guinea pig and new dog Rogue. When she is not working or obsessing over bees, she spends time with her children, fusses over the chickens, computer stalks other artists and gets outside.

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