Please join us in celebrating the life of High Desert Museum Founder Donald M. Kerr this Saturday, March 7 at 5:30pm. Kerr died on February 4th at the age of 69. Author and Poet Ellen Waterston will emcee the event and a number of others will speak to honor Kerr. This celebration will take place at the Museum.









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Mar 4
Backpack Explorers Venomous and Poisonous More >
Mar 5
Backpack Explorers Venomous and Poisonous More >
Mar 5
Beer Tasting Winter and Spring Seasonals More >
Mar 7
Weekend Workshop: Volcanoes!
Mar 7
Thorn Hollow String Band Stomp your feet and dosey doe More >

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Museum adds a barred owl to its raptor collection

We’re excited to have just added a fifth owl species to our collection: the barred owl. This beautiful and remarkable species joins our popular hawks, eagles and falcons currently on exhibit.

The barred owl is a large owl native to the mixed deciduous/coniferous forests of the eastern U.S. Throughout the 20th century, the species made a...

Story of an Oregon Golden Eagle - Part 2

by John Goodell, Curator of Natural History

Although the golden eagle is found throughout the northern hemisphere,  the majority of the North American population lives in the High Desert. In many ways, the High Desert regions of Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon and Washington have been refugia for a species whose breeding range once...